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About Us

Member of The World Taekwondo Federation, United States Taekwondo / North Carolina Taekwondo Association, Kukkiwon, Korea & USA Hapkido Federation, And Korea Gumdo Association


Headquarters of International Martial Arts Association


•Traditional Korean Art of Self-Defense

•The Most Popular Martial Art

•Official Olympic Sport

•Well Trained Staff Members

•Family Environment

•Many Exciting Events / Activities

•Top Quality Instruction

•Hapkido & Gumdo

•Excellent Promotion Test System

•Official Rank Certificates

•Membership Card

•Hand Acupuncture

•Weight Management Programs

•International Exchange Programs

•Demonstration Team / Leadership Team / Black Belt Club

•Family & Group Rates

•Choice of Fee Plans To Suit Your Needs

•We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card

•Birthday Parties / Gift Certificates

•Variety of Martial Arts Supplies

•South Korea Tour

•Report Card Monitoring System

•Monthly Newsletters, Newslines, And Dojang Handbook

•Free Trial Lessons

•Competitions / Scholarships

•Private Lessons / Special Courses / Family Classes / Instructor



Learn From The Best! - Easily, Quickly, & Safely!

Serving Gaston County Since 1992


Personally Taught By International Master Instructor(Certified By Kukkiwon / The World TKD Federation)

Grandmaster H.S. Pang

Phone: 980-888-0178, 704-689-0997





•Opened Pang’s U.S. Taekwondo/Hapkido Academy (Gastonia) In 1992 As The President / Owner 

•Founder & President of The International Martial Arts Association, Established In 2002

•Educated At Korea University (Seoul, S. Korea), Studied International Law & Taekwondo 

•Instructor of Taekwondo And Weapons For South Korea’s Army 

•Certified International Master Instructor 

•Certified International Referee (USTU) 

•9th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt


•8th Degree Hapkido Black Belt


•President of the U.S.A. Bonguk-Gumdo Association 

•25 Years Experience In Hand Acupuncture (Koryo Soojichim) 


•Expert in Korean Calligraphy

•Former North Carolina State Taekwondo Association Official (Presidential Adviser)

•Chairman of the North Carolina State Taekwondo Organization Executive Board of Directors and NCTO Advisory Board


•Director of The Hwarang Classic Taekwondo Championship Since 1997

•Executive Member of The World Taekwondo Festival & The World Culture  Open (S. Korea)

•Co-Director & Coach For Numerous Competitions Such As  The Nc State Championships, Us Champion of The Year, Etc.

•Was Awarded Certificates of Recognition For Marksmanship And Special  Forces Training From The Commander of The South Korean Army


•Received The Special Assignment of Security Officer From Former  President Y.S. Kim of South Korea In 1988


•Former Official Member of Charlotte Korean Association (Secretary General & By-Law Adviser)


•President of Charlotte Korean Association (24th)

•CEO/Publisher of  CharlotteTimes (샬롯타임즈)


•Received Numerous Awards And Certificates From Local, State, National, And International Agencies For Leadership In Furthering The Development  And Promotion of Martial Arts / Taekwondo

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