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There are a variety of activities and special events offered by Pang’s U.S. Taekwondo academy. PTKD’s annual events and activities include: South Korea tour program, special Taekwondo & Hapkido training seminars, black belt clubs, instructor courses (jr./sr.), summer camp programs, special instruction for weapons, olympic sparring & advanced self-defense, women’s self-defense & physical fitness classes, video instructions, spring & fall picnics/field days, competitions (local, state, national), Hwarang Classic Taekwondo championships (hosted by Pang’s TKD Academy), TKD photos, international exchange program, private lessons, parties and awards ceremonies, promotion tests / ceremonies, demonstrations, knowledge tests, leadership team/demo team activities, scholarships, special promotions, honorary black belt presentations, blue sky soccer/golf/fishing club, Taekwondo newsletters, support association, conference/survey, parent’s night out, newspaper/magazine articles, TKD status reports, Dojang handbook, membership card, PTKD history book, and many more!

Hwarang Classic Taekwondo championships 

International Exchange Program 

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