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Taekwondo has been an important aspect of my life since I began taking lessons. I have become a more caring person while learning the true meaning of sharing. I am a more loving person with the goal to be more giving to those less fortunate than me. Pang's Taekwondo Academy teaches more than how to punch and kick; they challenge every student to become a better person.

-Earl Lujan

My daughter Lauren and I have been with Pang's Taekwondo since February 2000. My daughter is 2nd Degree Black Belt. She has thoroughly enjoyed the experience the past 6 years and plans on continuing her training through high school. Pang's Taekwondo has trained my daughter in self defense, courtesy, integrity, self-respect, discipline, perseverance, health and weight control. I have watched her grow up the past six years with confidence, self-respect, and discipline. She has excelled in school, cheerleading, and everything she has done, including her life at home. I don't know of any other thing or investment that has helped my family more. Grandmaster Pang is not only Master Instructor of Taekwondo, but he is a mentor and a friend. Our family has a special place in our heart's for Grandmaster Pang, Master Orr and Pang's Taekwondo we appreciate what they have done for us.

-Wayne, Robin, and Lauren Dunn

Taekwondo is many things. For my family, and me, Taekwondo has become an integral part of our lives. Since Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art, it is a privilege to me to be schooled under a 7th degree Korean Master, Grandmaster H.S. Pang. My daughter and I both take Taekwondo. It has given me peace of mind in knowing that she has knowledge of some basic self-defense. Taekwondo has also taught my daughter discipline, self-control and respect for others. It has taught me to work harder in achieving goals and to finish what I start. learning some basic self-defense has been beneficial to my job. I am a Sheriff Deputy for the Gaston County Sheriff's Office. I work in a jail and you never know when or if you'll need this knowledge; so, it's nice to have just in case. In May of 2005, I received my 1st Degree Black Belt. Of course this has been an honor, buy my training has actually just started. I hope to always be training and improving or expanding my knowledge in Taekwondo. Once you truly let it in your heart, it just kind of stays and I know now that it will always be a part of me.

-Monica Stewart

Taekwodo has had an extreme effect on my life. Prior to taking classes, I got little to no exercise. As I had always been curious about martial arts, I decided to give it a try. I signed up for three months of classes and was hooked. I felt an immediate boost in my energy levels and experienced a surge in self-confidence. After a few short months of class and a slight adjustment to my diet, I lost forty-two pounds. I am more focused and determined in my life, regardless of the task. I am eternally grateful to Grandmaster Pang and the rest of my Taekwondo family for giving me the physical ability as well as the confidence to face any challenge which might lie ahead.

-April Bone

Powerful minds, bodies, spirits

All as one family

No weakness, no fear, no regrets

Give all of yourself you know this philosophy?

To be a true Black Belt or not.....

Acknowledge, accept, appreciate, attain

Excellence in all that you do, with all your heart

Know what it means to become, to change, to grow

Way to achieve your dreams, your goals, your future - through Taekwondo

Obliterate any sign of negativity in your life

Never failing to see the whole picture

Dare to challenge and change yourself; sometimes it is called "being the bigger man"

Once you start, finish as you came - with an open mind

-Master Twyla Orr 

Knowledge is the key to set your mind free

Wisdom and patience are what you will find

Appreciation of life and all mankind

No hate, no jealousy, no doubt within

Justice for all is where we begin

Acquire and attain to help love grow

No self defeat, no fear is the way to go

Growing much stronger and wiser everyday

Needing to thank the one who has shown us our way

In my heart Taekwondo will always dwell

Master Pang, you have served us very well

-Sonya Stowe

Patience is a virtue

Affirm what you believe

Noble we should strive to be

Give from your heart


Understand your purpose in life

See others for who they really are

Togetherness is what builds a strong foundation

Advocate peace

Endure difficult times

Know what you stand for. Then stand

Wait before judging others

Observe the tenets of Taekwondo from your heart

Nice is not a bad word

Dare to be a better person

One is all it takes to make a difference

Accept others for who they are

Care for others as who they are, not what they can do for you

Adjust to change

Defeat prejudice

Encourage others to do well

Make peace and unity a priority in your life

Yes to Taekwondo

-Cynthia Wall

My family has been with Pang's Taekwondo for more than 9 years. I started my oldest son, Cody, when he was 7 years old; he is now 16 and holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt and Jr. assistant instructor. I have watched him grow and learn under the constant observation and teaching of Grandmaster H.S. Pang. I have encouraged Cody in his Taekwondo studies over the years, realizing how important it can be to his life, in everything he attempts. The confidence, discipline, and tenacity he has learned from Grandmaster Pang has helped in ways I could never have imagined.


My youngest son Dylan started Taekwondo at the age of 10 (he is currently a high yellow belt). I started Dylan at a later age than Cody, primarily due to maturity and also I was concerned with the fact that Dylan would have to follow in Cody's shadow. It was some time before I realized that Pang's Taekwondo was also the best place for my son Dylan to learn Taekwondo, as well as the discipline that goes along with it. I feel sure that he will reap the benefits of training and knowledge learned from Grandmaster Pang's teachings.


I have learned a great deal about Taekwondo through my children attending Pang's Academy. I have a great amount of respect for Grandmaster Pang and his abilities to teach my children the things I cannot.


I think every father / parent wishes that their children grow to be better people than they are. I feel that both of my kids are already better people than I will ever be. It is a direct effect of their family values; religious upbringing and discipline that they learn through martial arts that make them better suited to handle anything that life may throw at them.


Thank you not only for the opportunities you, Grandmaster Pang have presented my children with, but also for the opportunities you have presented my family with to grow through the Taekwondo lifestyle. I will always be grateful for what you have taught my sons and my family.

-Bobby Bishop

It has been 10 years since my daughter Makayla started Taekwondo with Grandmaster Pang. I can truly say it has been an honor to watch her grow from 3 years old to now a young lady that has earned her 3rd Dan Black Belt and 2,000 attendance points. Makayla has always found a way of life with Taekwondo and Grandmaster Pang, as he has trained her well in each phase of the art. She could never have succeeded this far, this soon, anywhere else.We are honored to have Master Pang as her Taekwondo father. The knowledge he has given to her, we will always cherish with a passion that is unforgetable. There is so much of him that he gives to his students as a peaceful way of life. We always knew we had the very best Master for our daughter. A big thank you goes to Grandmaster Pang for teaching Makayla as well as me, for many years.

-Elizabeth Patel

Everything about Tae Kwon Do is a journey; a journey of the mind, body, and spirit. If the desire is there, then the journey will not seem daunting. I decided to embark on this journey with my six year old son. He looked forward to the journey; I was extremely nervous and hesitant.

On day one, those fears and worries were eased. Grandmaster Pang, the instructors, and students made us feel welcome and quickly put us at ease.The instructors were patient and helpful in teaching us the forms and other techniques. We never felt as if we were holding back the class or slowing the pace down. They truly wanted us to succeed on our journey, and did everything in their power to make sure we did not fail. I was impressed with the patience and concern shown by the instructors and other students took while working with us. I certainly could see it make a difference for my son, who showed no hesitation or fear during the instruction. He truly felt athome.

That is what Pang’s Tae Kwon Do is at its heart; a home. The people there are not just students or instructors, they are family. They have a stake in your success; they desire t see you thrive in Tae Kwon Do. They relish in your accomplishments are the first one to help should you fall short.

Grandmaster Pang has a great passion to teach, mentor, and lead. All of this comes through in his instruction. He instills motivation and desire in his students, from child to adult. They all want to succeed and improve as a sign of respect for his patience and instructions.

This is a journey I am glad to have started. It has been a great sense of pride to me to work towards a goal alongside my son, to learn and grow under Grandmaster Pang, and to become a member of such a wonderful Tae Kwon Do family.

-Matt McNabb

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