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Pang's U.S. Taekwondo / Hapkido academy welcomes you. We hope you enjoy the coming class. Please keep in mind that you are only witnessing a very small part of the disciplines and skills which embody Taekwondo.


You are required to observe the following rules / policies when participating.


1. Trial lessons are only done by appointment, and with the instructor's permission.
2. Complete the trial lesson waiver & release form.
3. Prospective students may attend one trial lesson with no obligation to join.
4. Each class will have a formal opening and closing ceremony consisting of a bow to the displayed national flags and to the instructor.
5. No pets, food, drinks, smoking, or chewing gum are allowed inside the Dojang.
6. Due to our instruction copyrights, cameras and videos are not allowed.
7. Wear comfortable clothes, no socks or shoes, and you must participate in stretches and warm-up exercises.
8. Follow instructions carefully. Your utmost attention is to be given to the instructor at all times. Maintain a respectful manner while inside the academy.
9. The class environment is structured to ensure safety for all participants. We encourage you to follow the class in their exercises. However, if you do not feel comfortable performing a certain exercise, please just watch. Accidents or injury may occur when you push yourself too hard. You should be a ware of your own limits.
10. For registration and general information, please see the academy manager or instructor.


Thank you!


Trial Lessons

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Pang's Taekwondo

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Gastonia, NC 28056


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